I have a 1969 Kennedy solid silver half dollar and was wondering if this is worth anything?

I thought that they quit making solid silver half dollars in 1964.

From 1965-1970 they were made in silver-clad.
It is silver bonded to copper with half the silver of the 1964.

1969D is about $3.00
1969S is about $8.00

Silver Half Dollar

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How much is a 1923 Lady Liberty silver dollar & 1963 Ben Franklin with latin writing Silver Half dollar worth?

How much is a 1945 D ANACS certified MS64 silver half dollar walking liberty worth?

Thank-you for stating that your coin was graded by ANACS, I am sure it grades MS-64.1945-D had a mintage of 9,966,800 one graded MS-64 has a value of $75.00. I hope this information helps answer your question.


http://coinvalues.com fuk all that algebra from other.

How much are the Statue of Liberty commemorative silver dollar and half dollar (1986) worth?

They have been in hard plastic coin protectors since I've had them (25yrs)

The 1986-D half dollar with a mintage of 928,008 is about $9.00, and the 1986-S half dollar with a mintage of 6,925,627 is worth about 9.00.

The 1986-P dollar, mintage 723,635 ia about $15, and the 1986-S dollar, mintage 6,414,638, is about $17.

what is a the worth of a 1854 rare arrows silver half dollar coin?

Many other rare coins just inherited. All never touched and in wrappers.

As any coin dealer will tell you, without a photo, there is no way to tell. The state of preservation is much more important than the date or mint mark (and you don't mention a mint mark).
Go to your local library and look for a reference book on coins. Also, check eBay and do a search for 1854 US halves. I made it easy for you - just click on the link below.

You may contact me if you have any other coin related questions.

how valuable are half dollars and silver dollar pieces (both are coins)?

my grandma wants to give me all these half dollar coins, silver dollars, small coins with a woman on them (not Sacagawea, another one) and $2 bills. some of the $2 bills are "silver certificates" and i know what that means already.

if these things are valuable, how valuable are they? she said that if they're valuable not to cash them in, but to keep them. i'd keep them like she wants, but how do i find their value?

this stuff is from like 50 yrs ago. she'll be 70 this month and she wants to give all this stuff to me.

try here.... http://coins.ha.com/info/typevalues.php

I did a google search for "coin pricing"

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