I have a 1915 Panama Pacific Commemorative Coin thats Au-58,but Polished, did I lose value on this ?

The polishers pastes and others materials of comercial for clen coins in very badly to the coins because destroy the original state of the metal,wash the coin with hair shampoo of children very quicky and dry with one soft piece of cotton.

Panama Coins

1974 Panama 20 Balboas Silver Coin 3.854 ASW
Bids: 2
End time: 29-Jul-16 12:49:13 PDT

1907 Panama 1/2 Centesimo KM# 6
Bids: 2
End time: 29-Jul-16 09:52:15 PDT

Bids: 0
End time: 29-Jul-16 09:18:19 PDT

End time: 31-Jul-16 13:18:38 PDT

1904 - Panama Pill - Smallest Coin - Silver (H76)
Bids: 0
End time: 29-Jul-16 21:04:32 PDT

1940 Panama 2-1/2 Centesimos KM# 16
Bids: 1
End time: 29-Jul-16 09:55:41 PDT

1970 - Panama - Five Balboa - Silver Crown UNC - PL (H60)
Bids: 0
End time: 29-Jul-16 20:33:01 PDT

Bids: 5
End time: 29-Jul-16 13:04:53 PDT

1970 Panama 5 BALBOAS Caribbean Games SILVER
Bids: 1
End time: 29-Jul-16 19:37:37 PDT

Bids: 3
End time: 29-Jul-16 17:00:02 PDT

1970 Panama Silver 5 Balboas Modern Crown
$20.50Buy It Now: $26.78
Bids: 0
End time: 29-Jul-16 18:01:54 PDT

1933 Panama Half-Balboa Old Silver Coin
Bids: 0
End time: 30-Jul-16 19:31:52 PDT

Panama 1/4 Balboa, 1953
Bids: 0
End time: 29-Jul-16 10:32:17 PDT

Rare 1953 Panama 1/10 Balboa 90% SILVER Coin AU? U Judge Condition. L@@K
End time: 30-Jul-16 10:54:08 PDT

1982 Panama 1 Balboa Coin - Uncirculated
Bids: 0
End time: 30-Jul-16 19:36:05 PDT

Panama medio balboa. 1/2 balboa. Big coin. 1982
End time: 01-Aug-16 19:00:48 PDT

Panama 1 Balboa 1967 BALBOA Proof silver coin
End time: 07-Aug-16 09:02:33 PDT

1967 Silver Panama 1/2 Medio Balboa Half Dollar Coin YG
End time: 28-Aug-16 07:30:10 PDT

End time: 27-Aug-16 07:00:12 PDT

Panama medio balboa. 1/2 balboa. Big coin. 2011
End time: 01-Aug-16 19:14:05 PDT

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I have coin that looks like a Quarter but its from Panama. How much is it worth?

The coin is actually worth the same as a US Quarter Dollar. Panama has a Currency Agreement with the US that dates back to 1904 that allows Panama to use the US Dollar as their currency of legal tender. Not the inability to have a stable economy as another user quoted in his or her comment.

Panama can issue it's own currency whenever they feel like it, or they can also adopt other currencies like the Euro.

The agreement also specifies the amount of coins that Panama can mint. Unlike other countries that use US bills and coins as their currency, Panama is allowed to print or mint their own at the same value, size and weight as US bills and coins. However Panama only mints coins, and uses US dollar bills for paper currency.

My advice, either keep it as a souvenir or use it at a vending machine.

I am thinking of becoming a newspaper carrier for coin-operated racks. How much can I expect to make?

I am thinking of becoming a newspaper carrier for coin-operated racks. How much can I expect to make? I live in Panama City, FL. Thanks!

Difficult question to answer, because it would depend on how many racks you would service and how many papers you distributed.

I agree with the first post, that it is not a lucrative venture, however you would make some money.

i have a few coins.. how would i go about their identification and value?

a coin i believe is greek with the number 50 (1998) on the back over the letters (delta? triangle) PAXME (emnicron? side ways M)

the same as the above, but 10 instead of 50

a 10p eire 1985 coin, and a 1p 1988 eire

six canadian pennies
-bird with 1867-1967
-leaves 1867-1992
-leaves 1975
-leaves 1984
-leaves 1986
-leaves 2000

bahamas 1984 with a pineapple

barbados 1987 25cents

two mercury head dimes 1942 and 1945

two dimes 1959 and 1968

a 1964 quarter that's too heavy and too shiny

a small copperish coin that says NEW PENNY 1/2 with a picture of a crown, and another one that says NEW PENNY 1 with what appears to be a castle gate or something

1979 panama "vn qvarto de balboa"

a bermuda 2001 five cents

a 1987 argentina 1 centavo

a 1989 east caribbean states 25 cents

"1997 republika ng pilipinas 1 piso" on one side, "bangko sentral ng pilipinas 1993" on the other side

1996 25ct "beatrix koningin der nederlanden"
a 1974 "bundesrepublik deutschland" 10 pfennig

a 2001 euro 5 cent with some sort of mask or princess or something on it

a 2002 euro 5 cent the colloseum on it

and a gold colored coin, magnet picks up, with what i believe are arabian letters on it. on one side is a square with a symbol of what looks like the greek letter psi in a small circle in the center of the square, with various other letterings around it

I have a couple really old coins too, like from 1897, that I'd like to find the value on. Closest thing I've been able to come up with so far is checking the going rate on ebay.

I have quite a few collectible items from my uncle who has passed away.?

most of the collectible items are coins from Panama, but there are some jewlry items from South America. How do I find collectors?

you will find a lot on Ebay......... local papers and on collectors sites on the computer................

Is there any online website where you can find out who much a coin is worth.?

I found some money from panama when I was helping my daughter count the money in her piggy bank.

Trying to price coins online is like trying to diagnose an illness online -- almost impossible.

The first question I have for you is if the money you found is paper bills or coins. I'm assuming that you found coins, if they're from a piggy bank. The odds are good that what you've found is simply leftover change from someone's trip abroad, and therefore not worth anything. The only time foreign coins are of any value, generally speaking, is if they're made of gold or silver, or proof coins.

If you've got bills, the odds are good that they've been folded and/or creased and torn to fit into the piggy bank, greatly reducing what little value they might have had.

Again, it's probably just leftover change from someone's trip. They're just fun things to have -- nothing of value.

If you do think that some of them may be gold or silver, email me and I can look them up for you.

1976 Five Hundred Balboa Gold Coin?

How much is a 1976 Five Hundred Balboa Gold Coin of the Republic of Panama worth? It contains 41.7 grams of 900/1000 fine gold. Is it worth anything beyond the value of its gold?

The whole coin weighs 41.7 g and has actual gold weight of 1.2067 oz . I usually deal with older coins, so my book is from 2001 on this. Then it booked for $526.00 which is kind of telling me, it booked for a little more than it's gold value. I doubt that has changed. Looks like they minted 2,169 of them in proof. There are 2 rare varieties of this coin, both having to do with the type of finish. One is a matte finish they struck 10 and one with a special uncirculated finish, they struck 160. The coins were struck by the Franklin Mint here in the USA.

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