During what period of time did Russia have plastic coins?

There was a time when Russian economy was so bad that it could not afford metal coins. What period of time was it from ?

Better yet, can anyone post a link of a Russian plastic currency?

I am not aware of any Russian plastic coins, but they have had plastic tokens for use in the metro, phones and other things. There are plastic tokens in almost every country. One of the more interesting plastic series are United States tax tokens (from before WWII).

Russia Coins

russian coins
Empire (up to 1917)
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Empire (up to 1917)
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Authentic Old Hammered Russian Empire Copper Coin 5 Kopeks Kopeck Kopeek 1773
Empire (up to 1917)
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Empire (up to 1917)
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1822 Russia 1 Rouble silver coin
Empire (up to 1917)
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Many Russian USSR Coins
USSR (1917-91)
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Federation (1992-Now)
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Empire (up to 1917)
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Russian coin 10 kopeks 1910 Russia Silver
Empire (up to 1917)
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5 kopecks 1760 RARE (Elizabeth) XF! Beautiful coin!
Empire (up to 1917)
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5 kopecks 1761 Very RARE (Elizabeth) XF/AU! Beautiful coin!
Empire (up to 1917)
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5 Kopecks 1769 EM (CATHERINE) XF! Beautiful coin!
Empire (up to 1917)
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Russia Big 1837 Copper 5 Kopek Coin
Empire (up to 1917)
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USSR (1917-91)
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5 kopecks Kopeken 1794 EM (CATHERINE II) Coin XF+/AU!
Empire (up to 1917)
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2 kopecks 1761 good condition RARE coin (Elizabeth)
Empire (up to 1917)
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5 kopeck 1769 Old Russian Coins
Empire (up to 1917)
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1977 Russia Prooflike Coper Nickel Zinc Rouble Coin w/ Holder - Revolution Anniv
USSR (1917-91)
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Putin Soviet Union Russian USSR territory gold plated bullion bar, medal, coin 4
Federation (1992-Now)
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Gold 7 1/2 Russian Rouble - Tsarist era 1897, VF/XF, Great Coin, Great Price
Empire (up to 1917)
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How to get Foreign Rolls of Coins.?

I am looking to get foreign (Non-US) coins. not your typical "collector" ones as you can find on the Canadian Mint, US mint and the UK / Australian Mints. But mint fresh rolls of uncirculated coins from Japan, Russia, Thailand, China, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, ect.. ect..

And please dont tell me ebay. Ebay has only US and Canadian and a rare popup of other coins..

Or to tell me to go to the countries! -

try a currency exchanges you change U.S. money into what ever country you are looking for.

Where can I find 60 Russian Ruble 2007 coins?

My boss has set me the delightful task of tracking down 60 2007 Russian Ruble coins. They can be 1 ruble/5 ruble coins, it doesn't matter about the denomination. I have tried google, Bank of Russia (who didn't speak English and hung up on me), The Russian Consulate in London (they closed at 12pm) and even eBay. If anyone can help i would really appreciate it!

go to

how much is the 1972 canada-russia hockey series coin worth?

It is not a dollar it is a coin

Probably not much.

what do you think of the Canadian spy coins discovered?

they had tracking deviced in them & were planted on US contractors with classified security clearances when they passed through Canada. they don't know who exactly planted them, China, Russia or France possibly.

crazy stuff! the CIA used the US dollar coin for a similar purpose


Funny thing, nobody can prove it actually happened, so much for truth in media.

The story was retracted on the 13th, two days after it hit the press internationally, unfortunately I can only find Canadian, British and Australian news sources.

price on Russia 1961 20 Koneek cold war coin?

how much is this coin worth today?

The 1961 U.S.S.R (Russian) 1961 20 Kopeks was made out of cooper-nickel-zinc and can be found in coin dealers world coin boxes for .10-.25 cents. It is not a rare coin or even scarce. Low denomination coins are not usually collected in other country's. here in the us the cent is collected by a lot of people few if any collect them in Russia. It has a limited collector base so has little value. It is the start of a one coin per country collection though.

whats it say on Russia 5-cent coin?

There is no "5-cent coin" in Russia. The main currency of Russia is the Ruble: one Ruble is divided into 100 Kopecks. So a Kopeck means the same as a Cent in America.

At link [1] below, you will find a picture of a Russian 5-Kopeck coin. As you can see, it says "5 KOПEEK" (meaning 5 Kopecks) and the date (1984).

I don't think that Kopeck coins (apart from 50 Kopeck) are issued any more in Russia, because Kopecks are almost worthless. At the moment $1 US = about 25 Russian Rubles: so a Ruble is worth about 4 Cents US. See link [2] for an explanation about currency inflation in Russia.

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