Does anyone know where I could get a 1 euro coin from the Vatican?

By the way I dont have money to go the Vatican so don't suggest anything dumb. Also I want the one with the Pope John Paul the Second on it.

The Vatican is using Italian Euro coins, but the mint in Rome has been issuing Vatican Euro coins since 2002 in sets strictly for collectors only. I don't think you can buy a single Vatican 1 Euro coin unless someone opened a mint set and is selling all the coins individually, which would be silly considering the fact that coin sets fetch better prices. If you decide to get a Vatican set, then expect a retail of at least US$1,300 for a 2002 dated Official Mint Set depicting the late Pope John Paul II. Vatican Euro sets are the most expensive among all Euro countries, and not many coin dealers have them for sale. Your best bet is to search for reputable coin dealers online, especially from Europe.

Vatican Coins

1939 Vatican 5 Lire, Pius XII Year I silver coin, AU 55 NGC
Bids: 3
End time: 09-Dec-16 16:26:17 PST

COIN SETS OF ALL NATIONS vatican city Lire set
Bids: 0
End time: 09-Dec-16 08:26:26 PST

Bids: 0
End time: 09-Dec-16 16:58:07 PST

REDUCED BU 1947 Vatican et Pope Pius X11 4 Coin Set
Bids: 0
End time: 09-Dec-16 07:49:35 PST

Pope John XXIII Vatican Silver Medal
Bids: 0
End time: 09-Dec-16 19:23:34 PST

Vatican 5 Silver Coin Set
End time: 01-Jan-17 08:06:11 PST

1867-R Papal States Silver 2 Lira Coin #1379.2
End time: 07-Jan-17 11:03:54 PST

1953 XV Vatican City 2 Lire, Pope Pius XII - low mintage coin
Bids: 0
End time: 09-Dec-16 13:35:34 PST

VATICAN 50 C. 1937
Bids: 9
End time: 09-Dec-16 14:19:21 PST

2015 Vatican Standard 8-Coin Brilliant Uncirculated Set
End time: 04-Jan-17 12:54:00 PST

Vatican City 2016 Coin Card w/ UNC 50c Euro Coin
Bids: 0
End time: 10-Dec-16 02:48:31 PST

Vatican 1 Lira 1951 & 5 Lire 1952 - XF/AU 2 Coin Set (#464)
End time: 06-Jan-17 15:01:26 PST

Vatican 1949 10 Lire B/U coin - 60,000 mintage
End time: 12-Dec-16 18:27:05 PST

End time: 19-Dec-16 16:35:11 PST

Vatican City 100 lire 1966 Paul VI
End time: 26-Dec-16 11:50:57 PST

Vatican 1978 Silver PJPII Medal
Bids: 0
End time: 10-Dec-16 11:23:04 PST

Vatican City 10 Lire 1939 (83.5% Silver) Coin
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 10-Dec-16 10:20:05 PST

Vatican City 10 Lire 1952 Aluminum Coin Brilliant Uncirculated RARE
End time: 07-Jan-17 20:15:35 PST

Bids: 0
End time: 10-Dec-16 17:26:14 PST

Gorgeous Uncirculated Holy Pope John Paul II SILVER Coin! Vatican Italy Coin!
Bids: 0
End time: 10-Dec-16 21:01:47 PST

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What year were Monaco Euro coins first issued? Were all eight coins issued in that first issuance?

A 3-part question. Monaco is one of 3 "non-traditional" EU countries that issues its own set of Euro coins (San Marino and the Vatican are the other two). A) In what year were the Monaco coins released to the public (was it 2002, like the rest of the participating EU countries, or later)? B) What year is printed on those Monaco coins? (Some central banks minted coins that were held in vaults prior to their 2002 official release, and placed the year of minting on those coins - like 1999, 2000 or 2001 - rather than the year of release.) C) Were all 8 Monaco Euro coins (1-, 2-, 5-, 10-, 20-, 50-cent, and 1- and 2-euro) minted and released to the public when the coins first began to circulate, or were some coins not minted at all for the first release year (specifically the 1-, 2-, and 5-cent coins)? I have been doing lots of research on this to no avail. Any coin collectors out their who can shed light on this and/or provide a reference link on the web? Thanks.

Monaco Started Using The Euro on January 1st 2002

If only poor are in heaven then how the hell will the pope get in with all his gold and treasures in vatican?

Please enlighten me. The pope has more money than all men and women. I remember something about a camel having to go through a eye of needle for a rich man to get into the kingdom. Christ teaches us to give to the poor. I don't think the pope ever put some coin in a poor mans hand. I am disgusted with the whole story the catholic church doctine. I am not stupid and the facts speak for themselves. That popemobile is very expensive and when he travels it is not coach.

Okay, so the Pope is well off. That doesn't mean he won't be in Heaven. Jesus said that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is because rich people tend to value possessions more - Jesus made this comment because a rich guy had come up to Jesus asking how he could gain eternal life. Jesus replied that he should give away all his possessions to the poor - at which, the rich man went away sad because he had great wealth. He wanted to cling onto his worldly possessions more than he wanted to give it all up to follow Jesus.
That said, Jesus didn't ever condemn wealth. He said the love of money, not money itself, is the root of all kinds of evil. And he certainly never said that there would be no rich people in Heaven.
Also, the money the Pope has is not for his personal life. It is used for the work of the Catholic church. His is an important job: he is at high risk of assassination - can you really expect him to travel on a public bus? He would be mobbed by people wanting to meet him, following him everywhere - he would be unable to carry out his duties.

Could someone please translate these roman numerals?

I have some vatican coin sets. I need to know the years. Thanks

MCMLI = 1951
MCMLIII = 1953
MCMLV = 1955

Roman numerals are pretty easy when you get the way the Romans did things.

Basic numerals:

I = 1
V = 5
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100
D = 500
M = 1000

A numeral before a second numeral is subtractive and a numeral after a second numeral is additive.

You can only subtract numerals from the those within the same order .. eg 1's (I's) and 5 (V) from 10 (X), 10s (X's) and 50 (L) from 100 (C), 100's (C's)and 500 (D) from !000 (M) etc

Furthermore you subtract from the next one up if you have to add more than three of the lower symbol to something.

eg 8 = VIII (5 + 1 + 1 + 1)
BUT 9 ≠ VIIII; 9 = IX (10 - 1)

Also if there is a letter in between 2 of the same then that means Take it from the second not add it to the first

So XIX =10 + 9 (≠ 11 + 10) If in fact 21 was wanted it would have been written XXI. So a smaller numeral in between larger numerals can only be there for subtraction.

Now some examples

99 ≠ LIL (as next lower from L is X) 99 = LXLIX
2001 = MMI

The rest is pretty easy:

So MCMLI = 1000 (M) + 900 (CM) + 50 (L) + 1 (I) = 1951
MCMLIII = 1000 + 900 + 50 + 3 = 1953
MCMLV = 1000 + 900 + 50 + 5 = 1955

Is there any other explaination for these pictures and coins?

I just found something on youtube, but as I can't listen to it I just decided to take a look at pictures and what I found was more than shocking to me. I mean I had had an idea, but what in the world led the Vatican to have these pictures?

Is there any other explanation besides the stuff that's all over the internet?
I think this coin is shocking indeed... I mean why would this pope do that and have this made???
The coin has a dragon on the back and the other image looks far too much like this one here: The dragon.. well... Revelation 12:9 "And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him."
But what about this other animal on the coin? Is there any other explanation for that one? I always thought that the church was the one warning especially about that one and there were those pictures in the MA that show this kind of a creature in a rather negative light...
Why would they put this on the other side of a coin with the pope on it?
Sorry about not having the link for youtube... I don't have any sound and I found it by chance... Well and then I just looked into it and googled a couple of words and found these pics... Never thought that that would actually be found... I mean if I were a leader in this church I would've made sure that compromising material always got a good explanation or vanishes asap... I mean that coin for example... I can't find any explanation for that... I mean, why keep it, if people might think in directions the church wouldn't want to see?

The dragon is often found in Medieval iconography. While it represents Satan, it is generally found in the context of being vanquished (St. George, for example, or the symbols of the Order of the Dragon [Dracul] to which Vlad Tepesh of Wallacia belonged [hence Vlad Dracul, ultimately "Dracula"]).

Why is it shocking that that there are Satanic images in a religion in which such counterbalance to good plays such a large part?

Edit: re additional details

That kind of dual imagery is fairly common, and can indicate the Pope as good opposite Evil on the other side. It would be like a coin produced now with an unflattering picture of Bin Laden on one side and a picture of Bush on an aircraft carrier on the other. In a very real way, it showed the common person why they needed the Pope, and how he triumphed over Satan.

does anyone have any stories about the cristero war?

im grandpa found gold and some old books written in french that belonged to a priest that got murdered does anyone want to buy the collection of books they were hidden under the stairs along with the some spaniord gold coins called centenarios some of the books have gold locks that havent been open i also noitced a picture of a pope from the 1800s and it was signed with a stamp with a piece of the popes cloth. most books written in 1800s and 1900s large collection serious buyers only. i heard there illegal to sell because they belong to the vatican.

What was the name of the priest? And was there a movie made on him? I believe Henry Fonda played an underground priest in the Cristero War (in movie) and was shot and killed later on by a firing squad.

Also, why not give it to the Vatican or museum where it can be appreciated by all?

Do you know the currency ?

In the coins of which country's currency are written the words " This is the root of all evil " ?
Is it the Vatican city ?
People who collect coins may know .

I don't know. Really such currency available?

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